Dealing With Disappointment

 This morning, my Bible study took me to Daniel 2, where I marveled at Daniel’s obedience to God, even in the face of death. If it had been me, I’d be thinking, “I’m going to be killed along with all the other wise men of the kingdom. Is this why God brought me here, to be killed?” Fortunately, Daniel had much more confidence in God’s power and authority, and he acted on that confidence.

My guest today is author Zeke Lam. His discussion on dealing with disappointment fit right in with my study, and I thought it was appropriate for this season when we are often faced with shattered expectations and hopes. Here’s Zeke:

To properly contend and deal with disappointment, we must understand the root causes. When circumstances arise that are contrary to our plans or opinions, disappointment generally sets in. This is a normal human emotion driven by the desire to have control of or a handle on the events that occur in our lives. In light of the fact that everyone faces or will face such events, it is pertinent that we position our hearts and minds to handle disappointment.

God’s Word is clear concerning the plans that He has for our lives: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”(Isaiah 55:9) Accepting this truth into our lives can be quite challenging when we are faced with a trial or traumatic situation. However, as a Christian, it should bring great peace to our lives knowing that our Savior has our best interests in mind.

We only have the capability to see here and now, but God sees all. A Christian can deal with the disappointments in this life from the perspective that God knows exactly what He must do in order to get our lives in position to further His Kingdom. If we can change the way we view our purpose on this earth, we can become conquerors of disappointment.

During challenging seasons of my life, I found myself suffocated by feelings of doubt, fear, and disappointment. The very moment God opened my eyes to the fact that it is not about me, joy began to override hurt. My purpose on this earth should be to bring glory and honor to my Lord in any fashion that He chooses to use me. Sometimes this is through death, sorrow, change, or pain. Sometimes it is through miracles, worship, and happiness. As I surrendered my life to this truth, disappointment lost its grip on me.

I often think of Esther when discussing a topic such as this. She could have been disappointed with her life. She could have lain down, been a victim, and suffered defeat. In the face of death, her perspective shifts from her circumstances to God’s divine plan. Consider Esther 4:14: “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

God spoke through Mordecai to shift Esther’s perspective from earthly to Heavenly. Did you catch what he said to Esther? In short, he urges her that if she refused to rescue her people, God would indeed come through. But, what if her entire life, all the hurt, pain, confusion, sorrow, and disappointment, equipped and prepared her for this very moment, and she missed it!

Disappointment is a real issue that has plagued and robbed the joy from many followers of Christ. Allow God to shift your perspective concerning the events that unfold in your life. The truth is, things take place daily that are far beyond our control. If we seek to control our lives these “surprises” will devastate us. If we remain obedient to the Word of God, seek holy living, and focus on falling more in love with Christ, we can approach each situation that takes us by surprise from the angle that God is positioning us for His perfect purpose. He knows exactly the journey He must take us through to get us to where He needs us to be.

ZEKE LAM is the founder of SUBMISSION Ministries—a ministry devoted to seeing lost souls encounter God and live lives fully surrendered to the risen Christ. A graduate of Liberty University, Zeke’s deep passion for following Christ’s will has led him through many years of youth ministry and itinerant evangelism. Both of these experiences have enriched and fueled his desire to hand others the keys to a Christ-centered life. Zeke resides in Virginia with his beautiful wife, Kathleen, and a growing family of future world-changers.

Zeke’s website:

Take a look at his book about drawing near to God, titled subMISSION.


What is the greatest challenge that the Church is facing today? Zeke Lam suggests that one word is the greatest challenge:  submission, or the lack thereof. It is not external forces that nullify the testimony of a Christ-centered believer, but rather the failure to humbly submit to the voice of the Lord. This book will help you to live a surrendered life abiding in Christ.

*  Is the approval of God more important to you than the approval of man?

*  Is the presence of God evident in your life?

*  Do you fiercely protect your intimacy with Christ?

*  Do you desire to live a life of truth, free from the lies of the devil?

*  Is God’s divine character visible to those around you?

Learn how to submit your life wholeheartedly to the Lord so that you can dwell continually in the secret place—a place of intimacy, surrender and joy.

Use this link to buy Zeke’s book:

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5 Responses to Dealing With Disappointment

  1. Zeke Lam says:

    I really appreciate the opportunity Mary. I love this site and pray that the Lord continues to use it in a mighty way. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your ministry,
    God bless you,
    Zeke Lam

  2. Mary, thank you for inviting our Burning Lamp Featured Author, Zeke Lam, to share this excellent article (who doesn’t need to be reminded of God’s goodness even in the face of disappointment!). I’ve posted this on our Facebook page as well as my own personal account. Hopefully many will be blessed by your website. Bless you!

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