What’s the Lord Doing in Your Life?

Do you have a ready answer if someone asks you that question? Last Sunday in church, we were asked to stand up and give praise for the things we’ve seen God do. Some spoke of physical healing. Another praised God for a restored marriage. Others were thankful for peace in difficult circumstances and for job opportunities.

I sat silent, unable to put my finger on anything specific God had done in my life in the past week or two. I felt guilty. Shouldn’t a follower of God be aware of His work in her life?

Thinking about it through the week, I realized my life is pretty contained. Some would call it boring. The biggest crisis of my week was the dog getting sick. Maybe I’m not putting myself out on a limb enough for God to do noticeable work.

Then I started thinking about the writing I feel called to do. That’s where I’ve seen God work, though usually in a subtle way. He made me aware of a local writers’ group that provided necessary guidance and encouragement when I started writing a novel. Later, as I gained experience, He led me to join a national writers’ group, American Christian Fiction Writers, allowing me to connect with published authors and other writers for critiquing and instruction. Several of those people have become dear friends who encouraged me to keep writing when low contest scores made me question not only my story but my writing ability as well. He comforted me in those moments when I suspected I was only wasting my time—time that could be better spent doing something big for the kingdom. And when I left the pity party, He pointed out the direction I should take.

At each stage of my writing journey, He has whispered in my ear the next step, encouraging me to keep going. Not in any spectacular way. Nothing noticeable to anyone else. In fact, sometimes weeks and months pass before I hear that still, small voice. Yet, He is most certainly working in my life.

Having finished writing my first novel, I’m preparing to submit it to an agent in hopes of securing representation and eventual sale to a publisher. I don’t know how this journey will end, but I’m confident that I’ve followed the path set before me. It’s entirely possible my novel may never see publication. While that would be disappointing, I’m content in knowing this is the Lord’s path for me. I’ve seen His work in my life. And until He prompts me in a different direction, I’ll keep trudging along. Some might call it boring. But I find it exciting.

And I don’t miss the crises a bit!

About marylhamilton

I'm a free-lance writer, currently working on a middle-grade novel. Originally from WI, I've been in TX for about 30 years.
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