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Dealing with Rebellion

I’ve gained a new appreciation for Moses. Reading through the book of Numbers, he is faced with rebellion and discontent over and over and over. There’s no water. There’s no food. There’s no meat. There’s no water again. Didn’t they … Continue reading

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Fragrance or Stench?

Have you ever walked through your neighborhood on a summer’s evening and smelled the aroma¬†of meat cooking on a grill? You might have lifted your nose and inhaled the mouthwatering scent. What about stepping into a bakery, or a grocery … Continue reading

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Amazing God

If you’ve never read the Bible through from cover to cover, I highly recommend it. Several schedules are available from different organizations that tell you what to read for each day of the year. Until recently, I haven’t used them … Continue reading

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Mother Was Right!

Remember that line your mom always said that you vowed never to repeat to your children? “Eat your vegetables. There are starving children in the world who would love to have them.” “Shut the door! We’re not cooling (or heating) … Continue reading

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