My First (and Probably Last) Political Post

politicsI’ve never written a post on politics before. Since I don’t handle hostility well, it’s better for me to stay away from such emotionally charged topics. But this morning I was thinking about how my faith influences my vote. And I’d like to see if this makes sense to anyone else.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I tend to want a fellow believer in office, assuming that means we’ll be in agreement on policies. But this has not proven true. There is wide disagreement on many different issues among faithful believers, from fiscal policies to foreign policy to education and health.

I’ve come to the conclusion that what we need to be looking for is not what the man or woman believes in regards to their faith. If they believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, that’s a plus, but that doesn’t guarantee a competent leader. Jimmy Carter was a man of great integrity and faith in Jesus but he showed himself a poor leader. Many of our presidents and other politicians profess a belief in Christ while living contrary to the Christian principles in their personal life.

Faith in God has never been a requirement for political office. That’s what our founding fathers were trying to escape. And yet, they allowed their own faith to drive their convictions and actions in creating this democratic form of government. It laid the foundation for our great nation.

So, my conclusion is that besides looking at the policies of any candidate, my choice for political office must be governed by leadership qualities, not by the candidate’s faith. I want a strong leader for my country, my state, my community. Someone who is willing to defend us at all costs and in all circumstances, whether by word or by action. Someone who will take responsibility for both the good and the bad that happens on his watch. Someone who will surround herself with quality people and qualified people. Someone who will see this position as a trust, rather than a power tool.

Does that make sense? What do you think?

About marylhamilton

I'm a free-lance writer, currently working on a middle-grade novel. Originally from WI, I've been in TX for about 30 years.
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1 Response to My First (and Probably Last) Political Post

  1. Mary Jones says:

    I agree. So let’s not vote for someone who feels marriage can be between a man and another man, etc., and let’s not vote for someone who lies and let’s not vote for someone who when asked what his most important qualities were did not even mention following Jesus Christ.
    Mary Jones

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